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So I stopped coming to livejournal altogether for a couple of months there... I don't know why. I guess I felt like I was too busy and LJ took up time because I always end up browsing around communities and such for hours? IDK.

Back now, though, to make comments on yo' entries and clog up yo' friends page.

What's going on right now: Got a transfer to a store closer to home, and still trying to get full-time. :X I feel like I'm fighting a steep, steep uphill battle there. Like 90 degrees. But I have not given up hope yet, and my hours are at least really really good for a part-timer. If I do eventually get full-time, the first thing I'm doing is replacing my old bed that's falling to pieces. Then, I'm scheduling a dentist appointment (sedation only plz). Finally, I will get a dog. :3 Preferably one who is good with other animals because I want there to be more dogs in the future, and James wants a cat. Anyway...

I'm terrified of getting sick right now. My roommate has strep throat and I am scalding my skin in an attempt to kill all germs, as well as eating raw garlic cloves, chugging vitamin c, and taking acidophilus. If my roommate gives me strep throat, I will beat him. SERIOUSLY.

And that's about everything from the last two months. My life is so exciting, right? :P

I <3 NY!

So I went to New York a couple of weeks ago, and it was FABULOUS. Had the best Venezuelan sandwiches I've ever eating, Himalayan food (the buttered and salted tea was amaaaaazing), Taiwanese steamed buns, Brazilian shrimp with hearts of palm, and frozen yogurt! Also bummed around Rockefeller center, midtown, and Union Square. And went to a Russian sauna in Queens! So lovely to go from a scorching hot room to a freezing cold pool.

ANYWAY. Going back to New York the first weekend of September (hopefully) with the BF. Also, we're going out to LI so he can meet the parents. :x BIG STEP. I already met his parents last week, so I figured I'd even the playing field. Except he's got it worse because he'll be spending the night. :P I also want to take him to the Met and the Red Hook food trucks.

AAAAND I am dog-walking/sitting for the next 9 days! YAYYYY!


I'm working in D.C. next week! Tuesday through Friday, as far as I know. I may get to stay until Saturday. We'll see. Taking the train to get there Monday, hoping the holiday crowds aren't TOO bad. Even if they are, the hotel is only three metro stops from the train station, so standing won't be too bad.

WOOOOOO I'm excited!

Also, I have decided I need Bocce balls. This must happen.


I am obsessed with this song lately:

In other news, mah boyfriuuuuuuund came over today! :3 He brought me a red rose, and then I tied myself to the bed for him. Then (3 hours later) we went to Chicken Rico in Fells Point. OMG! Actual PERUVIAN CHICKEN in Baltimore! IT'S A MIRACLE! We ate it in the park and talked and held hands like fourth-graders. Plus I have leftovers because ZOMG so much food. The fried yucca was freaking amaaaaaazing. :D And on Saturday I have off, so the boy is taking me to a special tour of the shark tanks at the aquarium. <3

I am quickly entering the honeymoon phase of the relationship and becoming one of those lovey-dovey types I've always hated. But it's okay. BECAUSE NOW IT IS MY TURN. I will try not to talk on here about how awesome in bed I am (as in, I broke it-- the bed, that is) but I can't guarantee I'll always be able to resist.



Summer goals:

1) Get laid
2) Don't get pregnant


Aim high y'all

Summer goals:

1) Get laid
2) Don't get pregnant


Gaaawwwwwd why am I so awkward?


I DON'T EVEN. But I kind of love it.


What is it about dating that makes me feel like I'm back in middle school?

Also, I think I'm getting a pimple on the inside of my nostril. :(

Also, the Golden Girls are my role models.

On the agenda for May:


- Started the first piece in my series of ridiculous paintings about ridiculous tv shows: "Fatal Attractions."

- Going to revive my FA account

- Cornish game hen for dinner tonight

- Wegman's last night was soooooo amazing and I got hibiscus tea and blood oranges :B

- Another okcupid date on Sunday. I'm nervous and excited! As Martha says, it's a good thing.

- Need need NEED to update my website/resume with most recent activities

- I was really bad and bought new shoes :X But they were only 10 dollars and I really REALLY needed to replace my busted-ass old sneakers. http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/blowfish-plant-oxford

- Got Great Lakes to give me an income-based repayment plan, FINALLY. It makes a difference to get an operator who doesn't just say, "Get someone else to pay for it lolz :U"

- Still looking for a second job. ;_;

- Kung Fu Panda 2!




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